Destiny Exotics


Will you send me annoying spam?

Nope! We're against spam, even when it is disguised as a "newsletter". Since the beginning, Destiny Exotics has not held onto user emails in a way where we could use them to send information. With the new site, our user authentication is handled via Bungie's authentication, so we don't even use emails and usernames anymore for user accounts.

Then how do you get in touch with me?

Communication from us is handled via our official Twitter account and to our patrons on our Patreon page.

How do I get in touch with you?

The two easiest ways to get in touch with us are the Twitter account @destinyexotics and through the Patreon page.

What happened to my collection on the original Destiny Exotics?

With the launch of the new version of Destiny Exotics, all original data, including user accounts, passwords, emails and all collection data will be deleted from the system.

How do I create an account?

All it takes is signing into your Bungie account, and allowing the Destiny Exotics app to have access; head over here to get started.

Why Patreon?

Even if you don't include the many hours spent designing, programming and maintaining Destiny Exotics, the site costs money to keep running. We had actually given up on the site during the months before the release of Destiny 2 in September, 2017. But then we started getting messages from many of our users asking about updates to Destiny Exotics, so we decided we would give the Patreon route a try. If we can at least cover the server costs, that would be great; everything else beyond that would serve as an incentive to continue to not only maintain the site, but also to steadily improve it.

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